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A Power bankkal történő töltés károsíthatja a telefont? Itt az igazság


A Hordozható töltőkal történő töltés károsíthatja a telefont? Itt az igazság


Használta a Hordozható töltő ? When the mobile phone is out of power, I know how happy it is to carry a Hordozható töltő with you. When you are away from home, having a fully charged Hordozható töltő at your fingertips will give you a sense of security. Although the Hordozható töltő is easy to use, it has a "violent temper". With the advent of the era of a mobile phone, the safety accidents caused by the Hordozható töltő and other mobile power sources continue to occur, which is worrying. Is it really good to often use a Hordozható töltő to charge a mobile phone? Miért időigényes a töltés a Hordozható töltő? Can fast charging Hordozható töltős charge ordinary mobile phones? How should we use the Hordozható töltő correctly?




Is it really good to often use a Hordozható töltő to charge a mobile phone?


The Hordozható töltő is a charging device that integrates power storage, step-down, step-up, and charging management. It functions as a charger and a backup battery. Like mobile phones, most Hordozható töltős use 3.7V lithium batteries as batteries. The charging input of the Hordozható töltő is 5V DC, and the output is reversed. The average working voltage of the Hordozható töltő’s cells is 3.7V, boosted to the output working voltage of 5V and then transmitted to the mobile phone to achieve the charging effect. In this process, as long as the battery voltage is stable, the charging of the mobile phone is stable and will not cause damage to the mobile phone. Therefore, charging a mobile phone with a regular Hordozható töltő (except cottage Hordozható töltős) will basically not cause direct damage to the mobile phone.





Miért időigényes a töltés a Hordozható töltő?


A közvetlen töltéshez képest aHordozható töltő takes longer to fully charge the phone. This is because the Hordozható töltő uses USB for charging. Compared with the AC power of the charger, the current output is small, so it will basically lose some current. In addition, some Hordozható töltős have thinner wires, and the resistance of the wires is too large, which will also cause the charging speed to drop. Another situation is that the battery quality of the Hordozható töltő itself is too poor. In order to stabilize the current to control the output, it will also cause the charging time to become longer.





Can fast charging Hordozható töltős charge ordinary mobile phones?


Nowadays, many smart phones have the function of fast charging, and some Hordozható töltős that support fast charging have appeared. However, there are many fast charging protocols for mobile phones, and mobile phone chargers of different protocols cannot be used universally. Hordozható töltős that support fast charging is also like this. However, non-universal means that mobile phones with different fast charging protocols can only use the mobile power corresponding to the fast charging protocol to have the fast charging effect. But the fast charging Hordozható töltő is still suitable for other mobile phones, but it cannot be fast charging.






How to use the Hordozható töltő correctly?


1. When the charging is completed, the power supply of the Hordozható töltő should be cut off in time to prevent overcharging.



2. Exposing the Hordozható töltő to high temperatures may deform the internal battery, and placing it in a humid environment may short-circuit the internal battery, so pay attention to the environment when storing and using the Hordozható töltő.



3. Heavy pressure, beating and strong vibration will damage the inside of the Hordozható töltő, so avoid bumping when using the Hordozható töltő.


4. When the Hordozható töltő is bulging, stop using the Hordozható töltő.


A töltéskorHordozható töltő, if the temperature of the Hordozható töltő is found to be too high, stop charging immediately, and then charge again when the temperature drops to the normal temperature.